The OG memecoin on Cardano

The friendly Shiba we know and love but with third gen Blockchain technology. The first Memecoin powered by Cardano.

On a mission to build a bridge between a fun meme coin like Dogecoin and the serious blockchain technology Cardano provides.

Our ultimate goal is to onboard people onto the Cardano ecosystem while having a lot of fun :) We feel like a meme coin is catching the people and eventually leads to more research that results in a deeper understanding of blockchain technology. Besides taking that approach we really think that Dogecoin has issues, especially the ever-increasing supply. All these issues are fixed in Cardogeo! We try to create a big and active community.

What sets us apart...

What sets us apart from other existing memecoins is the energy efficiency. As we are powered by Cardano that has a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm, transacting CARDOGEO needs way less energy than Proof of Work memecoins like Dogecoin. This is why we are sustainable and environmentally friendly. We are CARDOGEO, the green memecoin.

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Supporting the Cardano mission of decentralization

By having built and building several Stake Pool partnerships, especially with Single Pool operators, CARDOGEO is doing its part in trying to help, making Cardano as decentralized as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does CARDOGEO mean?

The word CARDOGEO is a mixture of Cardano and Doge.

We chose this name as we are powered by Cardano, and are a Dogecoin alternative.

Since when does CARDOGEO exist?

CARDOGEO was minted on 2021-05-17

19:46:25 UTC.

What is the supply of CARDOGEO?

CARDOGEO has a supply of 10,000,000,000 CARDOGEO (10 Billion).

Why should I choose CARDOGEO?

Proof-of-Stake is seen as a green alternative to Proof-of-Work. As we are powered by Cardano we can be categorized as a “Green Memecoin”. CARDOGEO has a fixed supply in comparison to Dogecoin which gives stable and useful tokenomics to all holders.

Who is behind CARDOGEO?

We are a team that is fascinated by the Cryptocurrency space - especially Cardano. We choose to stay anonymous as this whole project and ongoing journey should be about CARDOGEO and not about us. We think that this logic is the essential reason why Bitcoin outlived its early years.

Will there ever be a token burn?

There is NO plan to burn CARDOGEO. We deeply thought about our tokenomics. Token burns are in our opinion the proof that tokenomics weren’t chosen in a thought-out way.

How can I support CARDOGEO?

There are many ways to support CARDOGEO!

1. Tip your friends some CARDOGEO. :)

2. Spread the word and use the hashtag #cardogeo :)

3. Talk to your friends about it. :)

4. If you are a SPO, write us a DM for collaborations. :)

Will CARDOGEO be listed on exchanges?

We work hard to bring CARDOGEO to Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). CARDOGEO is already listed on MuesliSwap and SundaeSwap.

Where can I get Cardogeo?

You can get CARDOGEO ($CDOG) on DripDropz, MuesliSwap and SundaeSwap.

What is the Cardogeo distribution?